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Artistic and Educational Project "The Ladder"

Project description

A ladder to...
A ladder to heaven?
A ladder to hell?
A ladder to nowhere?

A LADDER - a tool for hiking or for stteping down. Construction easy to dismantle or to take away.
A LADDER - a methafor of life stages.
A LADDER - gradation and comparison.

'THE LADDER to...'- an artistic workshop
An art workshop which leads to creation of individual rungs and building of an art instalation.

Reflection: What does a ladder mean?
Associations, thoughts, sayings about ladder and rungs.
Drawing, painting a poetic, symbolic, metaphoric essence of a ladder.
Giving an individual character of the rungs - painting.

Building an art instalation - "THE LADDER to..."

Łódź (Poland), Apriel 2009 - Science, Engineering and Culture Festival,
Brixen (Italy), May 2009 - University of Bolzano,
Weimar (Germany), July - XV International Workshops for Children and Adolescents,
Scheersberg (Germany), August - Jugend Creativ.